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JR Software Solutions

Enhancing Value through the Use of Cost-Effective Services and Advanced Technology Solutions. 

Our Past Solutions 

JR Software Solutions has a proven track record of providing technical solutions to major government and Fortune 500 clients. Explore our past technical solutions that employ cutting-edge Cloud & Data tools.

Credit Card Processing System

From server-based monolith to agile PaaS

The Credit Card Processing System was a transformation from a server-based monolith to an agile platform-as-a-service (PaaS). The legacy system was comprised of two parts, the Ordering System and the Order Match, Invoice, and Payment Process, which were both hosted on on-premise Oracle database servers with expensive licensing costs. The middleware services layer was particularly complex and composed of many validation paths before payment was issued to the card processor.

To modernize the system, Booz Allen Hamilton and the JR Software Solutions team evaluated different platforms and ultimately chose Microsoft Azure for its PaaS offerings. This allowed us to focus solely on the application code while offloading networking, configurations, and deployments to Azure. We re-architected each function and integration into a single microservice for improved flexibility and easier changes.

Migrating from the legacy app to the new one was a careful process to avoid downtime. We began by moving all data onto Azure and building connectors for existing and new components to create a single source of truth. Next, our teams identified which microservices to build first and migrated tenants to the new infrastructure only after ensuring that all users were no longer accessing data from the old app.

The credit card processing system was completely rewritten in only 9 months using Azure microservices with fewer resources, greater flexibility, and delivered at only a fraction of the annual cost compared to the previous system. The move to Azure PaaS resulted in significant benefits for the client, including increased agility, scalability, and cost savings, all of which we are excited to provide to future clients as well.

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